Created in 1998, OSHA’s Strategic Partnership Program is an extensive, voluntary cooperative business partnership between OSHA and contractors. The partnership is designed to help companies recognize hazards on the construction site and implement strategies to reduce the dangers of these risks. Together, both MNOSHA and the contractors can help business owners create safety and health management systems for their employees, customers/clients, and the public at large. The goal of these programs is to maintain OSHA compliance for all participants. Shingobee Builders proudly participate in the program for your benefit as a building owner.


How Does the Partnership Benefit Commercial Contractors?

By working with OSHA, we have established credibility for our company. There are other benefits as well:


●        Safety Compliance. Within a partnership, OSHA can enforce their standards through monthly scheduled inspections of the jobsites.

●        Solutions. MNOSHA can help us provide solutions to safety challenges throughout the construction phase of the project.

●        Achieve. By partnering with MNOSHA, we can identify and reach a common goal and ensure all contractors return home to their families each day.

●        Excellence. MNOSHA can help our company maintain the highest safety standards in the industry to ensure quality throughout a project's completion. Forming a partnership means that we will rise to their standard of safety excellence in all we do.

●        Partnership. As our business grows, so does the partnership. The goal is to formulate an extended lasting agreement with OSHA that strengthens through the years.


Elements of the OSHA Partnership

The most important facet of the partnership is our continued commitment to adhere to OSHA standards. Each member of our team recognizes the importance of working within the OSHA guidelines to maintain and promote safety on the jobsite. We begin with prevention and work toward improving and providing solutions as individual situations arise. Although no contractor is perfect, we are dedicated to making safety a priority 100% of the time.


The core elements of the OSHA Cooperative Compliance Partnership Agreement include the following:


●        Purpose/Scope

●        Goals/Strategies

●        Safety and Health Management System

●        Worker Involvement

●        Performance Measurements

●        Annual Evaluation

●        OSHA Inspections

●        Incentives

●        Hazard Abatement

●        Worker and Employer Rights


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